Summer-ready Legs: The Bare Necessities

Ready to do the seasonal migration from skinny jeans and knit tights to a chic skirt and shorts? Or already thinking about getting prepped for that long-awaited holiday and your summer skin debut?

Don't panic. We spoke to beauty expert and Founder of Legology, Kate Shapland, to ask her top tips on how to transform your pins from pasty to perfect, ready for exposure... 

S T E P  1  : T H I N K  E N E R G Y

"Flashing through your system like lightning, whipping up your circulation and lymph to carry away the trapped fluid that emphasises cellulite, distorts legs and makes them feel heavy. Generate this energy with regular skin-softening exfoliation and a body brush, stroking it in upwards movements from feet to knees, knees to hips and over buttocks before every shower. Follow that with an application of deep drainage leg contouring cream."

S T E P  2  : D R E S S  U P

"Dress up your legs with the most flattering support. I’m talking tinted leg cream – the kind that gives legs a realistic sunkissed hint of colour that you can wash off at the end of the day, not a full-on tan that looks out of place because it doesn’t match the rest of you."

S T E P  3  : E Y E B A L L  E N E M I E S 

"Reduce water retention on thighs and buttocks by cutting out hidden sources of sugar and salt in processed foods. Soup might seem saintly but the water it contains can be retained in your body by mineral salts found in vegetables and salt to bring out the flavour, reading labels is crucial! Make sure you drink the finest red wine and Arabica coffee too – it matters!"

S T E P  4  : E M B R A C E  E X E R C I S E 

"As part of your energy policy. Swim, run (fast, to lengthen muscles rather than bulk them up with low impact jogging and workouts), get up and cross the office to speak to someone instead of emailing them, take the stairs (at a run), do a handstand – anything that promotes circulation and maintains flow, positivity and litheness, just move!"

S T E P  5  : G E T  M A S S A G E D

"And understand what it can do for your legs: a good one will take an inch off your muffin top in one go. But you’ll only get these results from a tailored massage, so tell a therapist what you want – deep tissue contouring here, here and here – pointing to cellulite and areas of puffiness. If it’s good, leg-contouring massage won’t be comfortable, but your legs will look less puffy and feel light; so book a course of sessions."

Follow these 5 steps and let your legs do the talking this summer - ideal for showcasing our latest collection!

Kate edited The Telegraph Magazine’s award-winning beauty column for many years, then founded Legology, a cult dedicated leg care line. For more tips and tricks visit her website here!