Drinks to see you through Dry January

A classic new years resolution for many, if (like us) you're already struggling to avoid all alcohol in a bid to succeed at Dry January then fear not - we have some delicious tried and tested recipes to see you safely through! 

Helen McGuinn, author of the award winning wine blog 'The Knackered Mother's Wine Club', has given us some ideas from her new book Teetotal Tipples, for what to drink when you're not drinking...

"Given that I write about wine for a living, doing dry January last year was kind of a Big Deal for me. But, surprisingly, I found the most difficult thing about not drinking wasn’t the not drinking. Rather, it was finding something interesting and vaguely grown up to drink in the evening in place of my usual glass of wine.

So I set about finding drinks that I could make at home from easy-to-find ingredients, adding a bit of theatre without the faff. They needed to score high in the flavour stakes to make up for the lack of alcohol. And containing lots of sugar was a definite no-no. Turns out going dry doesn’t have to be dull at all. There are even some pretty good low-alcohol beers and wines around now if you want a glass of the real thing, just without the alcohol."

If the idea of going teetotal still leaves you feeling a little... flat, here are some of Helen's favourite quick pick-me-ups:

Ginger & Basil Sparkler

There’s something about the flavour of ginger; fresh and warming all at the same time making you feel like it’s doing you good. Pimp a glass of your favourite ginger ale by pouring into a generous-sized tumbler or tall glass with lots of ice and a slice of lime. Then add a sprig of basil, torn if you want it really basil-y or just popped in the top if you just want it to add a faint whiff/look pretty.

Seedlip Garden 108 & Tonic

I’ve mentioned Seedlip here before but since then they’ve launched a new flavour called Garden 108. Unlike the spicier original Seedlip, this one’s lighter in style. Made using hay and peas, it’s altogether more herby and floral. Just add ice and your tonic of choice (elderflower tonic is good with this one) along with a wedge of pink grapefruit.

Pink Lemonade

Really this is zhuzhed up sparkling mineral water but it works a treat. All you need is grenadine, the berry fruit-flavoured syrup (try Teisseire, about £3.50 for a 60cl bottle, available from most supermarkets and drinks stores). Not only does the tiniest dash add amazing colour but it adds a touch of sweetness too. Ice, nice glass and you’re done.

Helen’s new book, Teetotal Tipples, is out now (£9.99, Robinson). For weekly wine recommendations, checkout her blog knackeredmotherswineclub.com!

Photography from Pinterest