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How to relax with Paula Warwick

The Batch 001 founder’s five steps to switching off in an always on world…

Wellness crazes are certainly having their moment in the limelight – and, although we’ll be leaving the, erm, more inventive ideas to Gwyneth Paltrow, setting healthy boundaries and prioritising our mental wellbeing, is  something we can definitely get on board with.

One person who’s serious about taking wellness back to basics is Paula Warwick, founder of skincare brand Batch 001. Paula’s no stranger to the ‘always on’ world, having had a successful career in TV that saw her jet setting around the globe at a moment’s notice. However, in the background, her daughters were suffering from sensitive, eczema-prone skin that wasn’t responding to traditional prescribed medications or moisturisers. So, she decided to create her own solution, and Batch 001 was born.

Juggling work, family life and wellbeing is a whole set of plates that we’re used to spinning – but Paula has given us some tips for how to switch off and really relax during those periods when the world is at its most intense. So, see below for her tips – and if you fancy checking out her products, we’re really proud to stock them, too.

1. Switch off

It may seem obvious but making sure to disconnect from your devices every evening is the first step to a clutter-free mind. “I’ve got my own business, so I can feel like I’m working 24/7” says Paula. “So, I take charge of my own wellbeing and put my devices away – because when you think about it, I’ll never be at the end of my to-do list.”  She writes her to-do list on paper, which “gets it out of my head and onto a piece of paper – and it means I can mentally switch off!”

2. Soak

Her next port of call is to run a hot bath. She adds one of her bath soaks, which are made with Dead Sea and Himalayan Sea salts, as well as heavenly essential oils. “I store my soaks upside down to drain the oils to the surface!” she says. “Then I put the salts in the bath, and the way it hits the hot water means the aromatherapeutic properties of the tea tree and lavender diffuse into the air. I do some deep breaths while inhaling the aromas. It’s like making your own spa at home.”

3. Scrub

Next, it’s time to exfoliate – but gently, of course. The Salt & Oil Body Scrub is her go-to, not just because of its marshmallow-soft texture, but because of the pink Himalayan salts it’s made up of. “Combined, they have 84 different minerals, which are amazing if you’ve got skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis,” she says. “The scrub is also infused with lavender, which is calming so it’s great before bed to get a good night’s sleep!”

4. Soothe

Clearing away all traces of the day – whether that’s leftover mascara, sunscreen, or dirt – is a great way to clearly mark the transition between day and night. Paula uses her Beeswax Balm – which she has formulated to soothe the skin as it cleanses. “It’s really luxe and feels very expensive on the skin!” she says. “I actually use it both morning and night as a cleanser.”

5. Sleep

Getting in a good night’s sleep is, obviously, essential to wellbeing (even if we’re all guilty of squeezing in the bare minimum more often than we’d care to admit). For Paula, it’s all about creating such an elevated routine that sleep comes naturally. “If you’ve got your bath time routine and gorgeous pyjamas, you honestly feel like you’re in a spa”! she says. “I love the hush pyjamas – they’re amazing”.

To find out more about Batch 001, visit their website or follow them on Instagram.