Kokedama DIY

The Japanese bonsai tradition of Kokedama (translates as moss ball) makes for a really cool weekend DIY project. What's more, these beautiful hanging gardens are super easy to make* - so no need to worry about another Pinterest DIY gone wrong!

 You will need:

a tiny plant; you could choose a succulent like ours, or a baby fern, or a plant with a flower  - have a look at our inspiration below!

bonsai soil


cotton thread

nice packing string (we used thick black string)


a jar of water



1. Remove as much soil as possible from your tiny plant so that its roots are exposed. Be gentle!

2. Start shaping your soil into a ball. Mix in a little bit of water if needed. Make sure it has enough room to accommodate the roots of your plant and squeeze out the excess water.

3. Make a small hole in your soil ball, and gently press the plant inside it. Be careful to "close" the shape back to a sphere so that the plant is secure.

5. Press the moss all over your soil ball. Don't leave any open spaces. Wrap the string around the ball leaving enough at the ends to hang the moss ball when finished.

6. Choose a nice shady place to hang your finished moss ball! If you choose to use a succulent this won't need much watering, but for plants that do require a decent amount of water, you can simply hold a container of water up to the wrapped ball to submerge the roots.

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