Minimalist Nail Art

Simple, chic and relatively fuss-free - minimalist nails are on trend this summer and we're fully onboard with it. Professional manicurist and nail art queen Cherrie Snow has given us her step-by-step guide to three minimalist nail art looks, all perfect for holiday season...

"The three fundamental elements to the minimalist nail are: keep nails natural and short, stick to powdered nudes, white, black, neons and metallics and overall, keep it simple.

These understated nail looks can be adapted, combined, built upon or even pared down. And can easily be achieved without a professional manicurist!

Tip: Before every manicure it’s important to prepare the nail bed. I always clean the nails with ZOYA Remove+ a gentle 3-in-1 polish remover, nail cleaner and hydrating conditioner. This will guarantee longer polish wear. Plus, it comes in a practical pump dispenser for single-handed ease."

P E A R L  M O O N

An easy alternative to the classic half moon, it’s great to do when
you’re limited on time because you can get away without applying top coat!


1. Apply one layer of base coat to achieve a smooth, glossy finish - Bio Sculpture Gel Executive Base is my absolute favourite.

2. Dab a little white polish onto a small square of household foil.

3. Dip your dotting tool into the white polish and lightly dot onto the centre of each nail, away from the cuticle - This will be the highest point of your pearl moon.

4. Next, apply a dot at each corner of the nail bed, near the cuticle.

5. Apply the next dots above and slightly more towards the centre, working either side - this will encourage continuity - until your pearl moons have formed.

6. Finish with cuticle oil - I love Dadi Oil, an amazing blend of 21 essential oils.

T I P : To achieve neat dots, keep wiping the dotting tool clean and use a fresh dab of polish if it dries out.

N E O N  D E W

Everybody knows that neon and nude is a summer staple!
To ensure a low-key look, keep the background neutral, with a tiny flash of fluorescent.


1. Apply two coats of nude polish over your base coat.

2. Then apply a dot in the centre, at the base of your nail in a neon colour.

3. Apply a second dot using a different shade of neon and a smaller dotting head - Color Club offer great popping brights!

4. Finish with top coat and cuticle oil.

S W A N  L A K E 

A ballet-like nail so elegant, it’s fit for a bride.
To keep it looking chic, use a glitter with multiple sized particles like ZOYA Pixie Dust in Cosmo.


1. After base coat, using a striper brush and white polish, create ‘feathers’ in slanted strokes at the tip of the nail.

2. For an even coverage, go over any strokes where needed.

3. Take your glitter polish and wipe the excess product off the brush, in the neck of the bottle so that you have very little polish on your brush.

4. Using the corner of the brush, dab lightly at the very tip of each nail to create a hint of glint.

5. Finish with top coat and cuticle oil.

M A N I C U R E  M U S T - H A V E S 

To recreate these looks at home, you might want to add a few tools to your collection:

Bio Sculpture Gel Executive Base, £9
The Body Shop Dotting Tool, £5
OPI Alpine Snow, £12.50
The Edge Nails Striping brush, £3.90
Dadi Oil, £10.50
ZOYA Pixie Dust in Cosmo, £11
Color Club neons in East Austin and Just Dew It, £5.95 each
Essie Spin The Bottle, £7.99
Essie Good To Go Topcoat, £8.99

Visit Cherrie's website to see her in work in action, sign up to her Fashion Nail Art Workshop here and follow her on Instagram and Twitter @CherrieSnow!