Must-visit brunch spots

Here at hush, we have a 'thing' for brunch. It doesn't require an early morning, it somehow tastes better at the weekend and it's acceptable to eat eggs and drink alcoholic beverages at the same time. The choices can be as healthy or as unhealthy as you want, brunch never judges you. So, we wanted to pass along our knowledge of the top brunch spots near you to visit this weekend..   

The Modern Pantry – London
With a large and wonderful brunch menu, The Modern Pantry prides itself on creating a modern twist of classic dishes as well as some very tasty cocktails to wash it all down. 

Andina – London
With the brunch menu available until 4pm, we couldn’t love Andina anymore (who wants to get up before 10am at the weekends anyway?). You can be super healthy or super indulgent choosing from their Peruvian inspired menu – the choice is yours.

The Alchemist – Leeds
Located in the Trinity shopping centre, start your day with a stretch of shopping then make a well-timed brunch stop at The Alchemist. Choose from their straight-talking breakfast menu with a few surprises along the way.

The Table – London
They describe themselves as one of the hidden gems of Southbank, The Table sources it’s ingredients from British suppliers and takes the freshest of herbs daily. With a strong sense of community and even stronger charity ties, eating at The Table seems to be a culinary delight as well as good for the soul. 

The New Club – Brighton
With a weekend brunch menu dedicated to ‘the almighty hangover’ it is fair to say this should be your first stop for rejuvenation after a long evening. Choose from a classic menu of pancakes to eggs to bagels and burgers with a ‘hangover cure dressing’ for a gorgeously delicious weekend treat (we are very intrigued by the bacon infused vodka..) Go for classic or stray over to the wilder side – brunch will never be the same!

Duck & Waffle – London
Inspired by European & British influences, Duck & Waffle sits on the 40th floor overlooking the London skyline. Choose from classic brunch dishes with a twist and their champagne accompaniments whilst overlooking a gorgeous day in the capital. 

The Pantry – Edinburgh
Choose from dishes made with locally sourced, high quality Scottish ingredients – this means their menu can change day to day dependent on the seasonal supplies (which is a plus, only in season ingredients always taste better!). Book ahead as this place can get pretty busy and we don’t want you missing out..

The Quarter – Liverpool
Make a stop at this Italian-inspired restaurant for breakfast which boasts both hearty and healthy breakfast choices. Enjoy sunning yourself with some alfresco dining before visiting the deli on the way out for homemade cakes and locally sourced ingredients.