Yellow décor to brighten your home

Give your interiors a joyful upgrade with these picks in Pantone’s new colour of the year

L-R: Clay Paint in Humpty Dumpty,  £45 for 2.5L, Earthborn; The Rebel 2 Seater sofa in Turmeric Velvet, £769, Snug Sofa


It’s been a rough year, to say the least, and we’re feeling the impact of it across everything – from TV series to music to… colours?

Yep, you heard that right. Every January, colour experts Pantone analyse trends and influences to come up with their colour or colours of the year, and for 2021, it’s no surprise that their chosen shades capture the mood of the nation.

Alongside Ultimate Grey, which is said to represent unity and stability, Pantone also chose Illuminating Yellow as their picks for 2021. It’s this mood-boosting colour, symbolising hope for the year ahead, which we reckon is the perfect place to take our interior style cues from this season. After all, we’re more than ready for those Covid clouds to pass so that we can let a little sunshine into our homes.

Clockwise from left: Yellow Your Rock Candle Hand, £34.95, Beyond Living; Mojave Yellow Glaze Mug, £9, Sass & Belle; Mustard Margaret Howell Anglepoise lamp, €218, Nedgis; Mojave Glaze Yellow Vase, £6.50, Sass & Belle; Daisy Cushion in Mustard, £62, The Annam House; MADE x Lick Paint in Yellow 01, £38 for 2.5L, MADE.COM;
Neon Love LED, €59, A Lovely Little Company


Yellow seem a little too punchy to integrate into your interiors right now? Trust us; there are many good reasons you should be channelling this shade – here are a couple.  

To put it plainly, yellow is more than just a happy colour – it’s believed to be psychologically powerful when it comes to improving our mood. A colourist named Howard Kemp Prossor first recognised this back during World War One, when he claimed that the right colour scheme in hospitals could have therapeutic value for shell-shocked patients. The tone he believed best for the infirmary walls? Lemon yellow.

L-R: Mustard Yellow 100% Linen Double Duvet Cover, £129, Big Waffle Bed Throw, £75, and Housewife Pillow Case, £16, Secret Linen Store; Clay Paint in Humpty Dumpty,  £45 for 2.5L, Earthborn; Astoria
Armchair in Mustard Yellow Velvet, £399, Atkin and Thyme 


While you might not be ready to redecorate your own walls in golden hues just yet, it’s clear that even adding touches of mellow yellow to your home is a great way to bring a little joy and optimism into your interiors – whether it’s a vibrant mug, a fun-shaped candle or warm, welcoming mustard throw.

There’s a reason why some of the most iconic pieces of art use yellow, too. To get technical about it, biologists reckon that it’s the most eye-catching colour as it stimulates both the green and red cone cells in our eyes – which are the most sensitive of our photoreceptor cells in the retina. No wonder then that Vincent Van Gogh was a fan, using it in some of his best-loved works like Sunflowers, Starry Night and Wheatfield.

As for your own home, try adding some eye-catching yellow art to your walls to help lift the mood, whether that’s via a playful abstract print or a striking piece of pop art. Not only is it a great way to dip your toe into the trend without committing to a more permanent change (like a huge armchair piece or painting a wall), but it’s also the perfect creative way to signal your optimism for the year ahead. It’s time to bring on that sunshine…

Clockwise from top left: Beyond the Shape of Her by Clare Grossman, £325, Murus Art; Cream Yellow Cuts Poster, £8.95, Desenio; Love and Light by Dan Baldwin, £1000, Murus Art; Yellow Body Pose Poster, £8.95, Desenio