5 YouTube yoga classes for every time of day

We’ve been embracing at-home workouts here at hush (see the IG Live classes we’ve been joining here) – but we’re starting to feel like we need to flex some different muscles. And in a world where laptops at the kitchen table are the new working norm, it’s hardly surprising. (Honestly, we never thought we’d miss hearing the phrase “ergonomic workstation”, but here we are.)

Thankfully, there are a whole host of online yoga classes that will help you stretch out – whether you’re looking to replace your weekly studio fix or just want to get your body moving in a different way. Scroll below for our favourite any-time-of-the-day routines.

Your morning wake-up call

Want to blow away the cobwebs first thing? A morning yoga class is a great way clear your mind and get some energy flowing before you tackle anything else. We’ve been joining in with Digme Fitness’ 8am Instagram Live classes, but this quick morning sequence from Yoga With Adriene will have you feeling equally energised – whatever time you wake up.

Your post-run stretch

If, like us, you have a tendency to skip the post-run stretch and go straight to the shower, read on. For a little structure in soothing your calves and hammies, this short practice from Cat Meffan will ward off that muscle soreness and aid in your recovery. Meffan’s YouTube channel is also a treasure trove of uplifting and accessible yoga routines, for all levels.

Your lunchtime power half-hour

Unless you live in a very, very big house, you might be finding it hard to get those much-needed bursts of energy during the day. If a short ‘stroll’ to your kitchen at midday isn’t quite cutting it, try lunchtime yoga. London-based yoga teacher Annie Clarke’s 20-minute Strong Flow is just long enough to get you feeling lifted – with time left over for lunch.

Your after-work fix

Feeling the strain on your back, neck and shoulders after too many hours spent working at your desk/sofa office/ironing board? Us too. This 15-minute video from Shona Vertue is specifically designed to combat the discomfort that comes from sitting in one position for too long. You’ll need a couple of yoga blocks for this one. Don’t have any to hand? Try this video from Yogi in Melbourne.

Your evening wind down

Hands up if your favourite part of a yoga class is the bit at the end, where you get to close your eyes and relax? Then you might like this 10-minute bedtime wind down from Yoga with Kassandra, a beginner-friendly routine to help you unwind. And if you enjoy this flow, you can find a whole series of Kassandra’s 10-minute videos here – perfect for slotting in whenever works for you.