Foodie TV to feed your wanderlust

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Let’s go on an adventure. Ok, so foreign holidays are on pause and a “mini-break” actually means taking your pick of the staycations right here in the UK, but we're making travel plans of a different kind by dipping into one of these colourful foodie series, instead. 

Travel to Parts Unknown with the legendary Anthony Bourdain; explore vibrant Asian street food stalls on Netflix and revisit one of our favourite Channel 4 travelogues with the irreverent Richard Ayoade. And if we can’t entice you, maybe the lure of the local cuisine can...

Salt Fat Acid Heat

According to chef and food writer Samin Nosrat, the secret to mastering the art of cooking is nailing the four key pillars of flavour: salt, fat, acid and heat. In this Netflix series – a companion to her best-selling cookbook of the same name – Samin gives each element its own episode, travelling to Japan for salt, Italy for fat, Mexico for acid and California for heat. If you’re looking to further your own culinary expertise, this thoughtful and meditative series is a brilliant combination – mixing a charming host with the science of food, the joy of cooking and the beauty of the world to boot.

Watch Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix

Street Food: Asia

Oh, how we miss being jostled through the crowds at a busy food market while breathing in the aromas wafting from tiny stalls (our local Sainsbury’s just isn’t quite the same). Part of the joy of travel is exploring little side streets and grazing on all the local dishes. In this brilliant nine-episode series from Chef’s Table creator David Gelb, you can do just that from your living room. Traverse nine vibrant Asian cities – from Bangkok, Thailand to Cebu in the Philippines – and learn about their histories, cultures and cuisines through the eye-opening stories of the local street food vendors.

Watch Street Food: Asia on Netflix

Travel Man: 48 Hours In...

To conjure up that feeling of taking a city break with your best friend, go on a fun-filled adventure with Richard Ayoade and his celebrity pals. In each 30-minute episode of this offbeat (and hilarious) series, Ayoade pairs up with a different star to spend 48 hours exploring a new city. There are 43 brilliant episodes to choose from, including Helsinki with Paul Rudd, Budapest with Aisling Bea, Florence with Rebel Wilson, and Vienna with Chris O’Dowd . Witty, often silly and always feel-good TV.

Watch Travel Man: 48 Hours In… on All4

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Modern food TV wouldn’t be what it is without the expertise of the late Anthony Bourdain. On Amazon Prime Video, you’ll find a whole host of excellent series by the industry legend, including The Layover, No Reservations and A Cook’s Tour. However, if you’re looking for a place to start, we highly recommend the groundbreaking, award-winning Parts Unknown. In each episode of the seven seasons available on Prime, the Kitchen Confidential author eats and chats his way around a new far-flung and less-explored locale – from Myanmar to Buenos Aires via Libya and Colombia. 

Watch Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown on Amazon Prime Video

Rick Stein’s Seafood Odyssey

When fish is on the menu, we tend to reach for our Rick Stein cookbooks. While you’ll find a few of his shows on BBC iPlayer, our favourite is this eight-episode series from 1999. Follow Rick around the world (with a few stops at home in the UK) as he samples different cuisines, picks up new tricks from chefs all around the world, and reproduces the dishes that would go on to inspire his own. Think spicy shark vindaloo in India, fried soft-shell crab in America and classic fish and chips in Whitby. Delicious!

Watch Rick Stein’s Seafood Odyssey on BBC iPlayer