Ankle Sheepskin Boots


Size Guide


Made from the finest quality sheepskin, these boots are both warm and unimaginably comfortable.

• True to size.

• Sheepskin tends to flatten after a few wears, so expect these boots to feel a little snug at first.

• Suitable for indoor use only.

Fabric & Care

• 100% Sheepskin.

• EVA Sole.

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"My feet are finally warm! Beautifully fluffy and great quality. They have definitely stretched a little bit in the last few weeks, but I have to agree with Amanda though, my big toes get sore, too. I have always been a normal size 7, but now wondering whether I should have sized up."

Posted by Ivana  /  2nd February 2016

* * * - -

"They are nice and warm but my big toes get sore if I wear them for a while as they keep hitting the front of the slipper. I agree with Becky's review, it would be nice if they were a bit taller."

Posted by Amanda  /  14th January 2016

* * * - -

"These were comfy and fit well, but the height of the boot didn't look right on me. I wanted them to be a bit taller."

Posted by Becky  /  2nd October 2015

* * * - -

"This is my 2nd pair of Hush slipper boots. I bought my first pair 2 years ago and they have lasted very well. I agree with the other reviewer, the lining is not as soft and wooly but they are still lovely slippers."

Posted by Sue  /  12th January 2015

* * * * *

"I really love these sheepskin/Ugg type boots. I buy a new pair every few years as I use them as slippers and they are so cosy in this weather."

Posted by Alison  /  11th January 2015