Sustainable Care

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The way we care for our clothes can make a huge difference to their overall environmental impact. Simple swaps can reduce energy, water and harmful chemical usage, while also extending their lifecycle. We are working hard to increase the amount of our items that can be washed on a cool setting, and decrease the amount that require dry-cleaning.


• The golden rule of eco-friendly washing is don’t wash things unless you really need to. This will save energy, water and help your clothes to last longer. Consider airing garments as a means of freshening them up after wear.

• When you do wash things, check the label and if possible, wash on the coolest setting. The majority of Hush garments are washable at 30.

• If the garments are only lightly soiled, they may not even require the temperature on the care label.

• Choose eco-friendly detergents and fabric softeners. Many detergents are designed to be as effective on a cool wash as they are on a hot one. Do a little research and figure out what works for you.

• If your machine has a quick-wash function, consider using this to reduce water usage.

• If you are washing any garments that have synthetic materials in them, use a Guppyfriend to capture microplastics that may be released through washing to prevent these from going into water sources.

Dry Cleaning

• Ask your dry cleaners if they offer an eco-friendly service.

• If you do require dry cleaning, you can do your bit by taking back old hangers to be reused and making sure that all plastic wrapping is carefully recycled along with your plastic bags at your local supermarket.

Drying and Ironing

• Harness the power of nature when you can and line-dry rather than tumble. Not only does this save energy, but it helps to prevent clothes from wearing out too quickly.

• Line-drying also helps remove creases and reduces the need for ironing.

• When nature is not on your side, utilize the indoor heating you might already have on!

• Only iron clothes when necessary and ensure that you follow the information on the care label.


• For items that require hanging, invest in wooden hangers as these help garments retain their shape. Knits are always best folded in drawers or boxes as hangers will distort their shape.

• Treat your clothes with care when folding, consider the Marie Kondo method which keeps everything organized and neat.

• Cedar wood is a natural moth repellent that you can use to protect your cashmere.

Mend it, don't end it

• Invest in a sewing kit. When you wear your Hush clothes as much as we want you to, it’s inevitable that these might need a little TLC.

• Spare buttons will be sewn into the care label and extra embellishments will also be provided.

• The Love Your Clothes webpage has loads of great information on looking after clothes.

• Explore the possibility of Visible Mending. Why not repair a hole in a beloved cashmere jumper with sew-on patch or some cross-stitching? Find creative ways to extend the life of your clothes. For inspiration, check out Instagram’s visible mending hashtag.

• If your sewing skills aren’t up to the task for certain repairs, it might be best to take it to your local alteration service.