Mandy's films

Our founder chooses her 18 favourites from the flicks we’ve recommended over the years

It seems like a different age, but back in 2003 we used to rent movies – from actual shops! Now, of course, it’s all digital – which makes it much easier to enjoy the best films from around the world.    

And foreign language films deliberately make up most of the list I’ve put together below. Not only because they’re all great films in their own right, but also because they tend not to get the attention they deserve.

Of course, that means you’ll need to be comfortable with sub-titles (or a much better linguist than me) to enjoy them. But they’re definitely worth the trouble…

Night of the Sunflowers
The Lives of Others
A Separation
The Sea Inside
After The Wedding
Man on Wire
Sophie Scholl
Nine Queens
Innocent Voices
The Counterfeiters
Maria Full of Grace
The First Day of The Rest of Your Life
The Last King of Scotland
City of God
The Untouchables
Habla con Ella (Talk To Her)