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60 Seconds With: Cherry Healey

Best known for her extremely successful documentaries, Cherry Healey is a force to be reckoned with in the broadcasting world. We grabbed 60 seconds (well, almost) with the bubbly tv presenter to ask 10 quick fire questions about her guilty pleasures, reading list and dream dinner party guests...

Perfect day… If I’m at home I love the school run (I think I love it because I don’t have to do it all the time!) especially when I don't have to ask them to put their shoes on 82 times (rare). It’s so sweet to watch them riding on their tiny bikes and it’s the moment when we have great chats. I love going to a nice café for breakfast to catch up on emails and then I’ll go to the gym (it’s definitely a luxury of freelance life to go midday!). Then it’s time to collect the kids and we’ll go home to be cosy and lazy together with our two cats Ruby and Party Time. 

The book everyone should read… This is a really hard one. Books have been a huge part of my life. As a teen and in my twenties I was really searching for meaning so I read as many books about spirituality as I could - I loved Donald Walsch’s series Conversations With God and What’s So Amazing About Grace by Philip Yancey taught my all about the power of forgiveness. The book that I’ve read at least five times is The Way of The Heart by Henri Nouwen which is definitely the most important book to me.

Guiltiest pleasure… Oh easy… stealing my kids sweets! As a kid I would always spend my pocket money on penny sweets - my absolute favourite are still the fried eggs and cola bottles!

Love of my life… Of course it’s my gorgeous kids but that’s such a predictable answer and it’s followed closely by my career. From being a runner, clearing up baked beans after a kids game show to researching story lines for a programme to filming drag racing to now presenting, I’ve absolutely bloody loved being involved in making telly for ten years! 

Favourite place in the world (and why)… My favourite place is really being on a bike with my kids - that is just total happiness. But in terms of a place to go and visit - I recently went to Miami and I just LOVED it! The fun of the city right next to the beautiful beach is like catnip - it’s got it all.

Dream dinner party guests (and why)… My brother because he has great chat and is just the friendliest person you’ll ever meet, my boyfriend for the same reasons, Greyson Perry because he makes the most beautiful art and the best documentaries and my friend Mary because she lights up every room.

Wardrobe weakness… Big cosy soft grey jumpers - I have got to stop! If I see one I struggle not to buy it because it immediately makes me feel like I’m curled up on a big sofa! I generally dress quite simply and comfort is a bit priority.

In my bag… My headphones are non-negotiable as podcasts keep me company when I have long train journeys. I also never go anywhere without a thermos of coffee and a sandwich as I never know when we’ll break for lunch (and if I have a sugary snack I can't stop!). 

Go-to uniform… A t-shirt, high waisted jeans and sexy pointy boots from All Saints with a small heel or white trainers. I am definitely all about comfort! I sometimes branch out but only if I have time to change at home and if there is even a hint of dancing then I make sure I can twirl and lunge and do ALL the moves!

How you take a moment for yourself (to relax and unwind)… I am definitely not a martyr - I think that it’s vital as a parent, and human, to take care of yourself first - a little like making sure your oxygen mask is on first on a plane - you’re not going to be able to help others if you’re not ok. I really love taking myself out for a long lunch with a book (ok, scrolling Instagram) and something lovely to eat - ideally mac & cheese!

Favourite hush pieces...

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