Style Notes: Trans-seasonal dressing

We all know the time has come for trans-seasonal dressing when you glance out of the window in the morning and think ‘I have no idea what the weather is going to do today’. You might end up drenched by an unexpected shower or shivering in a brisk breeze – or, equally, find yourself quietly sweltering whilst muttering about it being unseasonably hot.

Yes, unless you are a devoted follower of fashion (in which case, you are likely to wear next season’s clothes the second it is feasibly possible, regardless of the weather), you feel trans-seasonal dressing rather than scheduling it into your sartorial calendar.

It is that tricky period between seasons when summer clothes no longer seem appropriate, but it’s too warm for big jumpers and coats. You want to extend the wearability of your summer wardrobe, but – let’s be frank – you also crave the thrill of the new. Here’s how to marry the two.

“Trans-seasonal dressing is something even fashion editors find tricky to pull off – and we get a lot of practice in the UK,” says Lucy Walker, a freelance stylist and fashion editor, who has worked for Vogue, Marie Claire and Glamour. “The secret is light layers – there’s nothing worse than dragging a bulky coat around town when the sun suddenly comes out.” 

Lucy has devised “a bit of a uniform” to tackle this particular dilemma: a slouchy tee; a white cotton shirt; luxe track pants; and a cashmere jumper thrown over the shoulders. We tend to agree – you’ll be able to spot us this month wearing the Paloma Jumper over a dress (or skirt and t-shirt); the long-line Sabrina Cardi belted over a t-shirt (and, later, the fine Striped Katie Crew); with an oversized scarf tucked into our bags for those chilly evenings.

This is also the time of year when you want to strike a style note that resonates with the coming season, rather than the one just gone. So wear a statement piece like the Chrissie Check Blazer – versatile, practical, make it your go-to for in-between-y days – over the fine-knit Leopard StarJumper (new season; new pattern clash).

Too much, too soon? Then the easiest way to achieve trans-seasonal satisfaction is via the power of the dress. The Emanuelle or Yasmin Dresses have all the throw-on ease of a summer dress, but with trans-seasonal-friendly sleeves. Happy days.

Wear your dresses with trainers and bare legs on warmer days (or the very clever Tipton Flats: new season shape, no socks required, but no bare toes either); swap for low-heeled, easy-to-wear boots and a Military or Leather Jacket as the weather cools. Boots are an often overlooked instant refresh: the low-heeled Alford and Bingley with a dash of metallic hardware are just the right side of edgy and will carry you all the way through these intemperate days (bare legs/tights – your choice) and into the autumn. Not just trans-seasonal, but multi-seasonal – now that’s clever dressing.

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