Team hush's favourite online workouts

We like to think we’re an active bunch here at hush HQ. We constantly swap our top workout tips and favourite challenges, we seriously love activewear and, when we’re in the office, we’ve got our very own netball team (go, Goal Diggers!). 

Even the gyms being closed for the last few months hasn’t stopped us. Instead, we’ve moved our fitness regimes online, and have been trialling the best online workouts that the internet has to offer.

The beauty of the at-home workout is that a) there’s nobody around to see you getting your sweat on, b) you can easily squeeze them into your routine and c) they require no equipment whatsoever.

So, whether you’re a complete beginner or have abs to rival J-Lo, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite online workouts that we’re doing at home. 

Georgie, Writer, recommends Chloe Ting
“I’ve been kicking off my mornings with a Chloe Ting HIIT workout in my living room. I’m a big fan of a follow-along workout program, and she’s got a few to choose from (my favourite is the Summer Shred 2020). However, be warned: there’s a lot of up and down planks and burpees.”
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Gillian, Junior Designer, recommends Yoga With Adrienne
“I think I’m a bit late to the game with this, but I’m now a week into the 30 Days of Yoga (Home) Journey with Adrienne. It’s a nice introduction to yoga for beginners because it’s not too challenging and is more about building a sense of balance and awareness across the 30 days. It’s really nice to take some time for myself in the morning before work.”

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Ruby, Junior Print Designer, recommends Popsugar’s Barre Workout
“If you want a barre workout that makes your thighs BURN then give this one by Popsugar Fitness a go. If you’ve never tried barre, it’s a combination of ballet, pilates and yoga that really works your legs (think plies, calf raises and tip-toe lunges). It’s incredibly fun, but it can be tough to walk down the stairs the next day!”

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Vicki, Head of HR, recommends Chris Heria
“I’ve been giving Chris Heria’s workouts a go. He uploads ten-minute workouts for abs and other parts of the body onto his YouTube channel, as well as videos of himself completing completely insane workout challenges. They are quite hardcore but definitely do the job if you have limited time.”

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Kat, Editor, recommends The Fitness Marshall
“I’m no dancer, but I love The Fitness Marshall’s YouTube routines. They’re easy, fun, and don’t feel like workouts at all — not least because of Caleb Marshall’s laugh-out-loud commentary as he teaches the routines. My favourite kind of exercise.”

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