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A big hello from all of us at hush! We’re a clothing brand aimed at women of all ages who like fashion but are not a slave to it, who want to look good but don’t want to spend ages doing so, who want to be comfortable but not at the expense of style.


We also believe feeling good is as important a part of looking good as the other way round, so we always go out of our way to put a smile on your face through those little touches that really do make a difference to all of our days.



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About Mandy

Hi. I'm Mandy and I'm the creative director and owner of hush, having started it back in 2003 from my kitchen table with a laptop, a single phone and a rather naive optimism that I could start my own clothing label.


16 years later, I have acquired a husband (who also now works in the business), a couple of children and a few more wrinkles — as well as a lot of experience that I would love to have been able to pass on to my 35-year-old self.


But thankfully the business has gone from strength to strength and I still absolutely love what I do, which is essentially to design the kind of clothes that I would like to wear. Or as one of my friends described it, "read books and feel fabrics"!



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Where to now

Our aim has never been to be the biggest, but it has always been to be the best (or at least the best we can be) in the expectation that better will mean bigger in a way that bigger rarely means better.


So every season as we grow we try to do everything a little better (and some things a lot better) than we did the season just finished. Who knows where this will take us, but we plan to have fun along the way.


So come along with us. Tell us what you want more of, what you want less of. Tell us what we do well and where we can improve. Tell us all about your hush. Because for all that it's our business, it's always going to be your company...

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