With stylist and photographer Cathy Kasterine


It’s a joy to work with talented women. And Cathy Kasterine – stylist and photographer for our new denim shoot – is one of those. Helpfully, she doesn’t keep styling tips to herself and was happy to share her thinking behind these six outfit ideas. “There's an irreverence and easiness to these looks which I absolutely love – this is what I'm going to be wearing this year.” Expect looser shapes, double denim (with and without stripes) and the sexy-sporty swimwear jeans combo you didn’t know you needed. Over to Cathy…

The low-rise jeans “This look is classic Hush; relaxed, soft, easy. These jeans hang perfectly on the hips – they're comfy and really cool with these suede slides. Tapping into grunge roots here I’ve paired these beautiful, soft, slouchy jeans with a check shirt. But if you want to go smarter, lose the slides and wear this look with brown or black boots with a little heel. Layer a blazer or trench on top and you've got something to wear to work which feels dressed down, but not so grunge.”

The dungarees “I'm crazy about these white dungarees. They're so summery, they're so cool. I've put it here with a white racer vest. I think this really switches it up and makes it modern and cool – and takes it away from feeling too utilitarian or too young.”

The striped two-piece “This is a great retro denim stripe but in a really contemporary olive shade and long split-front skirt. The kind of skirt you’ve been wearing in previous seasons but it's been freshened up with this new striped denim and then a really well-cut jacket. I've styled it here as a two piece, so you can wear it like a suit with either a little white T-shirt underneath. Or you can wear it with nothing underneath, buttoned up so it really is like a set. Early on in the season I’d wear it with socks or a pair of tights and chunky black boots. And then swap boots for trainers or slides as you head on into spring and summer. When it gets really warm this summer, retire the jacket and wear it with one of the great Hush vests.”

The black jeans “This is when you just want to step into summer. You're daring summer to happen. It's sexy but in a really sporty way that’s also kind of cute and a bit ballerina! So what I've done here is take a great Hush swimsuit which has got graphic straps and a plunging neckline –  it looks a bit like a leotard – then put it with a newer, slightly tighter cropped jean and ballet pumps, also in black. I think the ballet pump is what gives it the femininity and also that sort of dancer, Flashdance feeling, which I really love. It's really versatile – layer a white shirt over the top, a little cardi or smarten it up with a black blazer.”

The denim shirt “This look is all about how to do double denim in spring. The key thing here is the light shade of the denim shirt and jeans. They’ve got a really soft handle – the denim isn't stiff – it just falls in a really beautiful way. It's almost like brushed cotton and it's a beautiful pale blue. With this look I think it’s essential to wear some gold jewellery. Gold hoops and a fine gold chain just bring it all together and just gives that amazing summer skin feeling.”

The cargo jeans “These new graphic T-shirts are the perfect level of vintage. This tee’s soft, washed and I am just in love with the Hush branding and prancing unicorn. I've paired it here with a pair of cargo zip straight-leg jeans. Also in a kind of washed-out black. The whole look becomes quite rock 'n' roll with a pair of cowboy boots and a really nice washed-out black bag. I'd wear this with some gold jewellery: hoops and chains and a little gold bracelet."