Summer haircare 101

Hair expert Corey Taylor on how to keep your locks luscious as the weather warms up

When it comes to summer, there are many things that we have to get prepped, from our wardrobe to our staycation plans – but one thing that can often slip by the wayside is tailoring our hair routine to our summer plans.

Whether your hair always needs extra TLC due to chemical treatments or colour, or you just find that your locks tend to feel more parched during the summer, prevention is critical to avoid irreversible damage. We asked Hair Expert Corey Taylor from NOCO Hair in Bristol the tips he always recommends to his clients for healthy, soft hair throughout the summer months. 

1. Load up on leave-in

Corey's first tip is pretty simple: "Use a leave-in conditioner to act as a sunscreen for your hair." Think about how important it is to use a heat protector when you're styling with hot tools; the same rule needs to be applied to exposing your hair to the sun all day – most leave-in conditioners like the Kevin.Murphy Leave-In Repair and Aveda Botanical Repair Strengthening Leave-In Treatment have the benefits of a post-wash conditioner with heat protection built-in as well. If you're away on a sunny trip, it's worth seeking out the leave-in conditioners that have UV protection in their formula as your hair is so exposed to potential damage. The Coola SPF30 Organic Scalp & Hair Mist and the Sun Bum Protecting Scalp & Hair Mist SPF 30 include UV filters for complete protection.

2. Headgear is essential

While it's also an essential summer wardrobe accessory, headwear like a sunhat or lightweight headscarf is key if you'll be sitting out in the sun for a long time. "This will not only protect your tresses but also look after your scalp," says Corey. "Let's face it, nothing is worse than a sunburnt scalp, but it is often forgotten about and not protected. Make sure you protect your scalp as you would your skin." Stick with lighter colours so the sun bounces off of it rather than a dark colour or black that can attract the sun and generate more heat, which can lead to an itchy, sweaty scalp too. The Enna Reversible Bucket Hat is a great casual option, or this Crochet Panama Hat is protective, breathable and chic.

3. Treatment treats

If you tend to be active during the summer, roam in sunny climes or dip in and out of the pool or sea, a hair mask is an essential step in your routine. "Take a treatment mask with you if you're going away," advises Corey. "Your ends will need a little extra love when it's been exposed to the sun, sea and pool water." If you have hair on the finer side and worry about your locks feeling weighed down, swap your conditioner with a treatment mask such as the Ouai Fine to Medium Hair Treatment Masque and only apply to the lengths and ends – this will keep the roots airy and voluminous while protecting and correcting damage. For thicker hair, you might find that using a mask post-wash and then finishing with a conditioner will help to seal in the hydration and maintain softness for longer.

4. Heads up

The best way to protect your hair from the damage that salty seawater and chlorinated pools can bring is by keeping it up in a high bun and out of the water. However, if your summer fun is hinged on water activities, this can't be avoided. "If you do get your hair wet, be sure to wash it as soon as you can," says Corey. A gentle SLS-free shampoo like Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! Super Moisture Shampoo for Damaged Hair will cleanse without stripping or drying your hair out further. If you have curly hair, a light foaming co-wash is an excellent choice for cleansing while hydrating – the As I Am JCBO Cowash is perfect for this.

5. Hold back humidity

For frizz-prone hair, Corey insists an anti-humidity spray is a summer staple to keep things smooth. When the air is warm and on the moist or muggy side, your hair cuticles can open and let that moisture in, which is what leads to the layer of frizz that occurs. Combat this with an anti-humidity spray (the amika The Shield Anti-Humidity Spray) is great for all hair types), which will ensure your strands are sealed from any moisture in the air and maintains high-shine, healthy hair.