We make clothes to turn up the joy, so it’s really important to us that you feel good both in and about the clothes you’re wearing. We are working hard to choose materials and processes that have a lower environmental and social impact; last year, 58% of the materials used in our products were either recycled or from renewable and responsible sources. And we design our clothes to be worn (and last) for years, because it’s our responsibility – and priority – to make sure your clothes serve you well for as long as possible. As a business, we’re continually asking ourselves how we can do better. Better for the planet and better for people.






We care deeply about the kind of world we’re going to leave behind for future generations and are committed to minimising our impact on the planet as much as we can. That’s in everything we do – from our operations and supply chain to the pieces we make.



We’re focused on reducing our emissions so we can play our part in limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees. You can’t manage what you can’t measure though, so our focus over the past year has been on gaining a clear understanding of how much carbon we emit and understanding the actions we can take to minimise climate change.

Having calculated that we produced 34,290tCO2e (that’s ‘tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent’) in 2022, we are now using this as a benchmark from which to improve against. And using methodology shared by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) we’ve set ambitious targets which can help us keep within 1.5 degrees of global warming. 

We’re under no illusion that reaching these targets will be hard, but we have identified some obvious areas to focus on. For example, 57% of our emissions come from our products. So, collaborating with our manufacturers and looking at new fabrics and fibres is a key part of our roadmap. And, we’re empowering all our teams to get creative in looking for ways to save emissions, because we believe that even the smallest idea can contribute towards us being better for the planet.






First and foremost, we design clothes to be worn. A lot. Over many seasons and hopefully by more than one person. We’re not about fast fashion; we’re about high-quality and versatile pieces that last, that are both good value and sustainable through use.

As part of this, and our goal to reduce emissions, we’re serious about the fabrics we use. We prioritise using recycled or renewable and responsible materials and have set ourselves the target of these making up 90% of all materials we use by 2025. To learn more about some of these lower impact fibres and fabrics, allow us to introduce you to our materials.

We are also continuously exploring ways of reducing the impact of the processes that our products go through – like our denim, which is all created with a low-impact washing process that uses less water than traditional methods.


Circularity is about keeping materials out of landfill and in a continuous loop of use. For the fashion industry that means making clothes, footwear and accessories which can be used again or made into something else. We're excited to have partnered with the circular fashion platform Reskinned to make it easy to resell, repurpose or recycle the clothes you no longer wear through their takeback service. This means your once loved but now retired dress could get a new lease of life in someone else’s wardrobe, whilst your sadly stained t-shirt can be recycled and repurposed as part of the Cotton Lives On project, so it can become filling for a mattress provided to vulnerable community member living on the streets.

It’s no secret that the way to make your wardrobe more sustainable is to buy less, which means avoiding buying clothes that you’ll only wear once, or you aren’t sure that you love. That’s why we’ve partnered with rental platform My Wardrobe HQ, giving you the option to rent Hush for those one-off occasions, or try before you buy. Through their website, you can find a selection of our latest styles available to rent for up to 14 days.


Good things come in sustainable packages. Our paper mailer bags, mailer boxes and tissue paper are made of sustainably sourced paper, and we’re phasing out oil-based plastic packaging. On the rare occasion where we package items in plastic bags these are all made of  sugarcane and can easily be recycled alongside other plastic bags at your local supermarket. We’ve also consciously made the decision to use Royal Mail as our main delivery partner, due to their on-foot services and extensive electric vehicle fleet. 

As for our catalogues, we use vegetable inks and FSC® certified paper in support of responsible management of the world’s forests. The production is carbon balanced, and the printing company used is a Carbon Neutral Company.


The way we care for our clothes can also make a huge difference to their overall impact. Simple swaps can reduce energy, water and harmful chemical usage – whilst also extending their lifecycle. That’s why we design the majority of our products to be washed at 30 degrees. You can find a number of our tips on how to care for your Hush pieces with minimal impact, and to ensure they stand the test of time, in our care guide.






People are at the heart of everything we do. Being open, accepting and champions for everyone has always been important to us; it’s essential that everyone in our business, community and supply chain has access to a safe working environment and receives fair compensation.


From the colleagues in our concessions to Hush HQ, our team is as enthusiastic as we are dedicated, and we do it all with passion (and a sense of humour). It is our aim that everybody loves coming to work, every single day. Our ambition is to be our very best and to do it our way – we’ll always make time for fun team activities, as well as a few perks. We encourage everyone’s personal development. We’re also dedicated to working with the communities around us through a series of volunteer days, all of which are organised by our wonderful People Committee.



We recognise that real change also needs to happen beyond our own team and the four walls of our HQ. That’s why we’re building and strengthening long-term relationships with suppliers we trust, at home and abroad. Working together with our suppliers and our partners at The Reassurance Network, we conduct regular factory assessments at our established factory base – with a focus on social, chemical and environmental factors within these sites. You can find a list of our tier 1 factories here.

From the moment they start working with us, all our suppliers must sign up to our sustainability standards and adhere to a number of policies. These are outlined in our Modern Slavery Statement, published yearly in accordance with the Modern Slavery Act. We’re constantly striving to do more and look to make improvements every year, and we report on our annual activities in the statement, which you can read here.



From the very beginning, our aim has been to ensure that everyone feels welcome at Hush. From colleagues and would-be employees to customers and those we work with every day – it’s our mission to foster an environment where people can be themselves, feel valued and be comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions. As a business, that means our leadership team is committed to embedding DE&I into everything we do. Allyship is hugely important to us and, as a team, we expect everyone at Hush to treat each other with respect every day.

Learn more about our commitments and initiatives here